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FCC Revolving Door v. Open Internet

The FCC Revolving Door vs. The Open Internet – Make Your Voice Heard

View our latest infographic, “The FCC Revolving Door vs. The Open Internet,” for a detailed look at how the FCC’s revolving door has hurt the free and Open Internet. The infographic is below. The FCC has extended the deadline for people to leave…

The PCLOB’s New Report on NSA Surveillance is a Disappointment

Earlier this month, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) released its long-awaited report on the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Internet and telephone communications under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008.


Golden Frog Supports ‪#‎ResetTheNet

Today, June 5, 2014, is the one-year anniversary of the first report about NSA spying based on the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Over the last year, the continuous stream of news has confirmed what Golden Frog long suspected, your online privacy is…

The Bill Formerly Known as the USA FREEDOM Act

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a watered down version of the USA FREEDOM Act. How watered down? The revised version of the bill washed away half of its cosponsors.

This is happening right now in front of the FCC

It’s happening. A group of dedicated net neutrality activists are gathering right now outside the FCC’s headquarters in Washington DC. They brought banners, signs and… sleeping bags.

Private Key

Get Your Own Private Key – If You Can

Last summer, the government demanded that Lavabit, an encrypted email provider, turn over private decryption keys so the government could conduct real-time e-mail monitoring of a specific Lavabit user. All concerned assume that the user in issue was Edward Snowden. Instead of turning…

The Top Six Quotes from Edward Snowden’s SXSW Keynote

Golden Frog attended the Edward Snowden SXSW panel discussion. We pulled some of the most significant quotes from Mr. Snowden and the other panelists.

United Nations Names Online Privacy as a Universal Human Right

Online privacy, the focus of a hotly debated and controversial fight between governments, corporations and citizens worldwide, is now a universal human right. The United Nations unanimously voted today to adopt a resolution calling for “Online Privacy” to be recognized as a human…

Net Neutrality is not Open Internet

Net Neutrality is Not Open Internet

Net Neutrality is not “Open Internet” even though the “Net Neutrality” rules themselves deceptively claim to be in place to preserve “the Open Internet.” Read our PDF to learn more.


ALEC-ECPA Standalone Bill

The proliferation of electronic communications presents new challenges for state laws protecting personal information from unauthorized search. This model act aims to provide some clarity for the courts, law enforcement, and consumers by stating that a warrant is required prior to search of…