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FCC Filing, Response to Verizon

Hey Verizon, We Agree With You.

In July 2014, Golden Frog filed comments to the FCC in support of Open Access. We included some specific examples: A VyprVPN customer told us he gets better Internet performance with VyprVPN than though his Internet Access Provider (in this case Verizon FIOS)….

The FCC Must Prevent ISPs From Blocking Encryption

Last month, the popular online publication TechDirt published an article based on Golden Frog’s filing with the FCC that urged the commission to truly restore an Open Internet. A key portion of the article focuses on how we noticed that ISPs and wireless…

FCC Forum on Internet Regulation

The Battle for the Open Internet Came to Texas

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of traveling to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas for an FCC panel discussion and open forum. It was hosted by FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, and featured Edward Henigin, CTO of our sister company Data…

Ajit Pai's FCC panel

Edward Henigin’s testimony for Ajit Pai’s FCC panel

Data Foundry (our sister company) CTO Edward Henigin’s testimony at FCC commissioner open Internet panel discussion. Read more.

Encryption Makes Us All Safer

(Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog post from Nuala O’Connor, President and CEO at Center for Democracy & Technology. It originally appeared on CDT’s website on October 8, 2014).

Smartphones have become the archives of our lives. From family photos and calendars to financial records and medical information, cell phones no longer serve solely as communications devices but are instead a comprehensive repository of both the intimate details and most mundane trivialities of our lives. They often lay next to us as we sleep, and remain close to us all day long, an integral part of our navigation of the online and offline world.

The Post Snowden World One Year Later - What Has Changed

HostingCon 2014: The Post Snowden World One Year Later – What Has Changed

Increased awareness about government surveillance practices has changed the way society understands privacy, values and due process of the law, leaving individuals and businesses unsure about who has access to their private information. Now more than ever, we must work together to ensure…

Golden Frog's Fight for a Private and Open Internet

Golden Frog’s Fight for a Private and Open Internet

LinuxFest 2014 – Golden Frog%27s Fight for a Private and Open Internet Video Details Michael Douglass, co-CTO of Golden Frog, discusses what we are doing to preserve a private and open Internet. Michael spoke as part of Golden Frog’s Online Privacy Discussion at…

LinuxFest 2014

Texas LinuxFest 2014: Protecting Digital Privacy in the NSA Era

LinuxFest 2014 – Golden Frog Privacy Panel – Protecting Digital Privacy (1) Panel Details “Online Privacy” and “Internet Freedom” are at the top-of-mind for many because of the constant new revelations about government surveillance, and massive data collection by corporations. Golden Frog is…

FCC Privacy Rules

The Comments Golden Frog Filed to the FCC

Last Friday, Golden Frog filed comments with the United States Federal Communication Commission in support of the Open Internet. We included feedback from our own customers to show how broadband Internet access providers are taking advantage of the current landscape to deny regular…

Golden Frog and the i2Coalition Submitted Comments to the FCC to Fight for Open Access

Golden Frog and the i2Coalition Submitted Comments to the FCC to Fight for Open Access

Golden Frog is a proud member of the i2Coalition, whose mission is to support “those who build the nuts and bolts of the Internet”. We are proud to have played a key role, along with other i2Coalition members, in drafting the i2Coalition’s comments…