Show Your Support for Encryption – Sign the Save Security Petition Now

Do you care about the Apple v. FBI battle? Do you support strong encryption with no backdoors? Do you care about your privacy? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” it’s time to take action. Fight for the Future has launched the Save Security campaign, which allows you to add your voice to the Apple FBI debate and stand up for strong security. You can sign their petition here:


About a month ago, the United States government ruled that Apple must provide access into an encrypted iPhone as part of a terrorist investigation. Apple responded with strong letter opposing the order, and in the days since, the battle between the government and Apple (plus all the tech companies & citizens who support them) has become increasingly heated.

Apple will go to court on March 22 . Show your support for strong security by adding your voice to the debate and signing the petition now.

What Can You Do?