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Safe Online Shopping on Cyber Monday

Be Cyber Safe On Cyber Monday

Each year we read about how to keep your personal information safe while shopping online for the holidays. However, in spite of attention-grabbing data breaches, shoppers continue to buy gifts online each holiday season.  The cyber criminals know this and are on lookout…

    How To Watch India vs. England Live for Free

    Live Stream Test Cricket Matches with VyprVPN Are you a cricket enthusiast? Are you frustrated with expensive TV subscription costs in the U.K., the United States and Europe? It’s time for you to learn more about how VyprVPN can help you live stream the cricket Test Series from anywhere in the world! You can watch…

    Internet censorship in Russia.

    VyprVPN Remains Accessible Despite Russian Blocks

    The demise of Telegram didn’t entirely go as planned after Russian officials announced they were banning the service back in April. Russia’s move to block Telegram came after the encrypted messaging app refused to hand over user decryption keys to the FSB. Rather than…

    Telegram Users Are Turning to VyprVPN

    Russia threw down a block of millions of IP addresses in their assault on the popular app Telegram this week, and VyprVPN is at hand helping users prevail over those restrictions! Around 200 million people worldwide use Telegram with at least 9.5 million of those users…

    VyprVPN Cycles Protocols Automatically

    Connection Issues? VyprVPN Cycles Protocols Automatically to Keep You Up and Running

    We recently updated the our VPN apps to include a valuable new feature which works behind the scenes to troubleshoot any connection issues you may have. When you have a connection issue, our Automatic Troubleshooting feature identifies the issue and automatically cycles through protocols to…

    China Firewall

    China Imposes Another VPN Block, VyprVPN Restores Service Rapidly

    The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections March 10 around 9pm CST. The latest round of censorship comes just one week after their previous block, and occurred around the same time of day. This latest block occurs during a big conference in China, an annual meeting of China’s national legislature…

    China Firewall

    VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

    The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections via IP blocking on March 3, around 10pm CST. The latest round of censorship occurred in conjunction with a major meeting in China, called the “Two Sessions,” which is an annual meeting of the country’s national…

    China Firewall

    VyprVPN Remains Accessible In Latest Round of OpenVPN Blocking in China

    China started blocking the OpenVPN protocol again today, in their latest round of VPN-related blocking. VyprVPN users connecting out of China can switch to any other VyprVPN protocol to successfully connect, and we recommend switching to our proprietary Chameleon protocol which effectively defeats VPN blocking…

    Ransomware Attack Highlights Widespread Privacy Risks

    VyprVPN Secured From VerSprite Vulnerability

    We recently received a message from security consulting firm VerSprite regarding a vulnerability in the VyprVPN macOS application. This vulnerability turned out to be a known issue related to OpenVPN source code, and not inherently related to VyprVPN. We wanted to let our users know VyprVPN…

    censorship in china

    China Increased Censorship Last Year, and The Impact is Clear

    Continually Increasing Censorship Censorship in China unquestionably increased over the past year, as the country aggressively tightened their control over the Internet. In 2017 China introduced a great deal of new legislation and blocked additional sites and services to further restrict online access….